​​Yoga Studio & Massage
We collaborate with a nearby yoga studio and massage therapist to offer private training, one-on-one yoga, massage, and additional mind-body lessons.

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Verapose Yoga Studio

Body Wisdom Therapy

​Camp Buttercup Retreat Vacations

Expand, Explore & Revitalize

Nature changes the way we feel.
Experience nature, solitude and privacy in a luxurious 18 foot English shepherd hut. Breathe in the plentiful fresh air as you are surrounded by majestic and abundant oak, cherry and elm trees. The hut is situated in the garden, surrounded by woods and flowers, and furnished with impressive amenities, yet humble enough to blend into this restful setting. Once you are inside the hut, you will discover a wave of cool florals and pastels in the English linen draperies and linens that provide delicate accents in this warm and inviting romantic retreat. With the perfect touch of luxury and convenience, you'll soon feel calm and quietly alert, and flirtation may subtly arise. Even if you experience weather that keeps you indoors during your visit, you'll experience the zen-like qualities and benefits that this petite space offers. Every detail is designed to create a serene and tranquil setting. You may never want to leave as you experience deep calm, relaxation and connection.

Carve out dedicated time for yourself to retreat, reconnect with nature, and re-discover your inner body wisdom.

Retreats are available May-October.

Creative Arts
$850 per person (3 nights)
Delve into the craft of art-making to express creativity more freely with a retreat designed to re-connect you to your inner-child. Experience landscape painting or the still life in oils as I lead you step by step through the craft of oil painting.

    ​Each of us possess a unique gift to share with our community. Most often, this gift is centered around our creativity. As an oil painter, I share my wisdom and experience in the craft of oil painting and introduce you to a beautiful set of tools to express what words cannot.

Nutrition and Wellness Evaluation

$500 per person (2 nights)
A health survey followed up with personalized recommendations

Total Health Journey

$750 per person (3 nights)

The Total Health Journey is a set of blended services that are specially designed to focus on a specific health concern or personal goal.

Our Retreats include standard rate lodging and programming and/or activities listed.Prices subject to change.